Digital – Precise – Reliable planning

For large-capacity and heavy-duty transport literally every centimetre counts. Those who just take a quick glance regarding route planning or execute a few measurements by hand run the risk of delays and, in the worst case, damage to cargo, vehicle or infrastructure. Sommer Digital Transport Solutions’ 3D Route Scan, a unique service in Germany, provides decisive advantages here.

We currently have a fleet of three measuring vehicles with state-of-the-art technical equipment. A measuring vehicle drives along the planned route in advance and records it spatially with several laser scanners and cameras; the position and location of the measuring vehicle is determined simultaneously every 10 milliseconds with the aid of satellites. In total, more than 80,000 measured values flow into the on-board measuring system every second and are combined to form a high-precision, digital 3D model for the intended route. This includes even filigree structures such as road signs or bridge railings, power cables or railway overhead cables.

Utilising the 3-dimensional model enables us to examine preferred route distance profiles in detail and measure them with accuracy in the centimetre range. Furthermore, a wide variety of transport can be simulated on the on-off recorded route profile including tractrix curves and excess swivelling radii – an invaluable advantage, especially for particularly long transporting vehicles. This enables us to identify the optimal route in advance and traffic guidance measures can therefore be reduced to a minimum.

The services at a glance:

  • High-precision 3D laser measurement of the planned route
  • Feasibility studies for large and heavy loads with the aid of visualisation and simulation
  • Elaboration and documentation of transport routes and clearance profiles
  • Identification of bottlenecks and planning appropriate measures
  • Archiving of routes that have already been examined
  • Inspection of construction site roads and assistance with planning
  • Identification and elaboration of alternative routes, if necessary