In the case of large-volume and heavy transports, literally every centimetre counts. Anyone who uses a sense of proportion when planning routes or carries out a few measurements by hand risks delays and, in the worst case, damage to the load, vehicle or infrastructure. The 3D-Route-Scan from Sommer Digital Transport Solutions, which is unique in Germany, offers you decisive advantages here.

We currently have a fleet of three measurement vehicles with state-of-the-art technical equipment. A measuring vehicle drives along the planned route in advance and records it spatially with several laser scanners and cameras. At the same time, the position and location of the measuring vehicle is determined satellite-supported at 10-millisecond intervals. In total, more than 80,000 measured values per second flow into the onboard measuring system and are combined to form a high-precision, digital 3D model of the route. This even includes filigree structures such as road signs or bridge railings, power lines or overhead railway lines.

Using the 3-dimensional model, any route profile can be examined in detail and measured with an accuracy in the centimetre range. In addition, a wide variety of transports can be simulated on the route profile once it has been recorded, including tractrix curves and swivel radii - an invaluable advantage especially for particularly long transports. In this way, the optimum route can be identified in advance and traffic-directing measures can be reduced to a minimum.


High-precision 3D laser measurement of the planned route
Feasibility studies for oversized and heavy transports using visualization and simulation
Elaboration and documentation of transport routes and loading gauge
Identification of bottlenecks and planning of appropriate measures
Archiving of already inspected routes
Inspection of construction site roads and assistance in planning
Identification and development of alternative routes, if necessary