Hi, I am ERNA.

ERNA is the digital assistant for the large-capacity and heavy transport industry.

She supports the truck driver and the escort vehicle driver in following the stated route of the approval/permit as well as the associated conditions.

Thus ERNA offers a visual representation and auditive announcement of the approved route as well as the driving conditions and instructions. ERNA is available as an app in the Google Play Store for Android devices from 8 inches.  

ERNA is offered in a total of 13 languages.

ERNAs services at a glance:

  • digital rendition oft the permit
    Visual representation and auditive announcement of the approved route, driving conditions and instructions​
  • Warning when leaving the approved route
    No automatic calculation of an alternative route, as this requires the approval of the authorities.​
  • Professional digital tour preparation
  • Driving conditions and instructions are visually and audibly communicated and explained before the start of the run.
  • Available in 13 different languages

ERNAs advantages at a glance

  • Road safety
    Visual and auditory rendition of the approved route and driving conditions / instructions​​
  • Preservation and protection of infrastructure
    Compliance with requirements, no getting lost
  • ​Sustainability
    Continuous updates and further development of the program software
  • ​High cost reduction potential
    Possible replacement for the passenger, possible replacement for the interpreter

ERNA - For an ERNA tour download the ERNA App from the Google Playstore. You can then book the respective ERNA tour conveniently by uploading your permit (from any applicant) in the sommer web shop.

Sommer webshop

At sommer-store.com you can upload the finished decision (of any applicant) and book the desired ERNA tour. The ERNA tour will then be created for you by the sommer team. The ERNA tour should be booked at least 24 hours before the start of transport during office hours. If this is not possible, you can book EXPRESS.

ERNA app

The ERNA app is available for free download in the Google Playstore for Android devices from 8 inches.

ERNA tour

After completion of the ERNA tour, the tour data* will be sent to the e-mail addresses stored in the summer web shop. The driver can now conveniently dial into the ERNA Tour with the tour information, digitally simulate the tour and then start.

book erna now

*ERNA is always valid 24 hours from tour start. Additional 24 hours can be booked directly or at any time in the sommer shop

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