Due to the huge increase in large-capacity and heavy transports, the police are increasingly being relieved by the introduction of BF4 escorts, as a police replacement measure. Since the introduction, we have supported the carrying out of transport in this area with our especially competent trained staff. BF4 escorts may only be carried out on routes on which the drivers have been trained in advance by the police or the administration. The official requirements vary depending on the Federal State.

Market transparency and innovations are firmly anchored in the corporate culture and are therefore what drives this unique Map Experience throughout Germany.

The BF4 Map shows you all the routes on which our drivers have been instructed and can accompany your transport.

This free map for everyone ensures complete openness, transparency and sustainability for all involved. 

These include: OEMs, transport companies, authorities, police and BF4 service companies.

An overview of your benefits:

No unnecessary search times
Simplified disposition
Planning security
Direct visibility of quality staff
Reduction of search costs
Increased market transparency
Direct & free access for everyone involved

Is the route you want not yet available? Contact us and we will take care of a short-term instruction.